Rogers on Trump Officially Qualifying for Alabama Primary

October 30, 2019
(ANNISTON, AL) -- Congressman Mike Rogers (AL-03) made the following statement today after President Donald Trump officially qualified for the Alabama primary on March 3rd.

"I stand proud in unwavering support of President Trump’s reelection.

"The 2020 election will be absolutely critical in defining America’s future. The radical Democrats want to destroy our economy with their brand of socialism. They promote a radical abortion agenda and want to take away the Second Amendment. They prioritize health care for illegal immigrants over health care for hard working Americans. They want open borders and sanctuary cities. They disrespect our brave police. And they want to control our speech and erase our common history. And the radical Democrats have the Deep State and liberal media on their side who are constantly pursuing their sham witch hunt.

"We must fight for our president. President Trump made us all a promise in 2016 to Make America Great Again and he kept his word. Thanks to President Trump, our economy is booming, unemployment is at record lows, our military is being rebuilt, ISIS is obliterated, more conservative judges have been appointed to protect our deeply held values, and the list goes on. 

"In 2020, more than ever before, we must vote for President Trump in order Keep America Great. Every vote counts. We must turn out in record numbers to vote for President Trump to show the nation that Alabama is Trump country," Rogers said.