Rep. Mike Rogers says Trump could still win during visit to Lee County

October 26, 2016

Posted: Tuesday, October 25, 2016 11:05 pm

Jim Little | Reporter 
Opelika-Auburn News
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At two appearances in Lee County on Tuesday, Rep. Mike Rogers said Republican Presidential nominee Donald Trump can win.

Rogers made two public stops in Lee County Tuesday. He presented a copy of an official Congressional record of appreciation to the retiring mayor of Smiths Station, LaFaye Dellinger, on Tuesday morning, and he spoke with Lee County Republicans at the county party headquarters in Auburn on Tuesday evening.

“This election’s not over,” Rogers said. “It’s not looking good, but it’s not over.”

Alabama is the most pro-Trump state in the country Rogers said.

“A lot of us here in Alabama are almost insulated to some of the bad stuff that’s happening in our country because we are a very conservative state,” Rogers said.

Rogers said in a statement on Oct. 14 he still plans to vote for Trump because he pledged to support the Republican nominee. The statement came after several Republicans, including Rep. Martha Roby and Gov. Robert Bentley, said they would not be supporting Trump after a video was released of Trump making lewd comments in 2005.

Polls in the national media are showing a lead for Hillary Clinton, but that may work against her, Rogers said Tuesday.

“(The Democrats’) base may start thinking ‘I don’t have to go vote,’ particularly some elements that they need in those battleground states,” Rogers said. “Because I can guarantee you, our people are going to go vote, and that may be the thing that really gives us our best hope of surprising folks with a Nov. 8 election that turns out to be completely different than what they’re expecting.”

Lee County Republican Party Chairman Randy Price said the event at the headquarters was a rally to get out the vote.

“Nov. 8 is a big day,” Price said. “We need to make sure the people get out to vote, and we want them to pull the Republican lever when they’re there.”

Trump campaign signs and T-shirts, as well as Rogers campaign signs, were given away during the rally.

Iraq Army veteran and Democratic candidate Jesse Smith is challenging Rogers for the second time in November’s election.

Tuesday morning, Rogers presented an official copy of his appreciation for Dellinger.

“Thank you Mike,” Dellinger said. “This means the world to me.”

Dellinger was the first mayor of Smiths Station since its incorporation as a city in 2001.

After the presentation, Rogers said both Clinton and Trump are the most unpopular candidates in the history of presidential campaigns.

“This election is going to be over in a couple of weeks,” Rogers said. “We’re going to have a new president-elect. I don’t know who it’s going to be, but we have to remember we’re a great nation, we’re going to plow through this tough time.”